Venkata K.

t had been great working with Helen. She is very hardworking and takes personal care of her clients. She guides on every aspect of the home purchase process and the she is helped us on pros vs cons on various properties. Considering the tough market situation for the first time home buyers, Helen helped to purchase the home as desired. She is proactive and responsive. I highly recommend Helen.

Romeo S.

Helen has excellent experience in selling my home. The process goes so quick and smooth. She knows and takes care of everything from the start. Her team are so accurate and dependable in every move they make. I recommend Helen and her team if you want to buy or sell your home. Excellent Service.

Akshay B.

Helen is an excellent Real Estate Agent. Her dedication, commitment and her willingness to support you with the right kind of deal/ property is commendable. I have worked with other Real Estate Agent who will try to sell you anything. Whereas, Helen keeps the customer first and work according to their needs. If she is doubtful about any property she will not let you buy it. She is an inspiration as professional. She has worked with my friends too. One of my friend reffered her to me and I am going to do the same because every deal she makes , she takes care of each and every steps of process and will be standing next you till the time deal is not closed. Her patience level is also very high, sometimes I use to loose my cool but she use to always keep her calm and use to explain things patiently. I am generally very bad at writing feedbacks but I am doing it because she is such an influence. Following is how I will define Helen:-

H- Hard Working
E- Efficacious
L- Laudable
N- Noble.

Thank you Helen for helping us find the our right home.

Phuong T.

Got to know of Helen from a friend connection when shopping for my first house during the beginning of this year. Helen was so passionate to help our family in finding a house that suits us best in term of budget and our needs. She was very on time and professional in all of our every meetings, resourceful (offer us all the info we should know about the properties and the current state of the market), and very attentive even after submitting the offers and closeout of the deal. She was the reason why we was able to buy the house of our dream in San Jose at a price that none of my friends believe in such a competitive market. All of them asked me the same question, who was the agent when know of the purchase price. We are so grateful to the service offered by Helen and definitely would go with her for our next house shopping in the future. - Tr. LE

Alice C.

We worked with Helen - an excellent agent. Helen was the agent for the single house we purchased in August. She was extremely helpful, open, transparent, and reliable through the whole process. She was always available to answer our questions and to show us the house any time we asked for. I highly recommend her.

Giao L.

Very passionate. After helping us to buy a nice house, she also helped us to sell our mobile home.

Inin G.

It has been a wonderful experience working with Helen Ha. She delivered exceptional service.

David K.

I can't say enough good things about Helen. She worked tirelessly to sell my house in Fremont last winter. She was always available to take my calls or answer my numerous texts/emails....day or night. Helen has incredible knowledge with all aspects of real estate, and I'm so glad she was by my side to give me guidance throughout the process. And one of the best things about Helen is that she gave me the same level of attention post sale. I had several questions after the house was sold, and she responded with solutions straight away. That's rare. She is rare. I recommend Helen with the highest level of sincerity.

Huy N.

Very sincere! Experienced!